About the Clerk of District Court

What does the Clerk of District Court do?

It is responsible for maintaining all of the current and historical records of the District Court, which is thousands of records dating back to the Montana Territory prior to statehood.  It is the backbone of Gallatin County's judicial system, maintaining files on each case and keeping minutes of all court hearings.

The District Court has jurisdiction over many different case types - felony criminal matters, civil lawsuits, domestic relation cases including divorce and custody matters, probates, guardianships, juvenile, treatment court, adoptions, involuntary commitments and youth in need of care (child neglect).

It also issues Marriage Licenses!

Why it matters to each of us.

Navigating the legal system can be difficult--especially for those who cannot afford an attorney.  The Clerk's office is the first and most important contact for most people because it is responsible for providing guidance and proper information.  This is where a dedicated public servant has a real impact on the everyday lives of average people. 

Commitment to excellent customer service makes Sandy Erhardt the best choice for Gallatin County Clerk of District Court!

Growth in the County affects the Court, too.

Currently, the District court is composed of three Judges and a Standing Master. With the growth of Gallatin county the caseload continues to increase and the need for a fourth District Court Judge is imminent.  

With this growth it is imperative that the citizens of Gallatin county have an efficient court system with equal access to everyone regardless of means.

Sandy's strong work ethic, proven dedication, and almost nineteen years of experience make her the most capable candidate for the Clerk of Court!


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