Sandy Erhardt

for Gallatin County Clerk of District Court


About Sandy

Sandy has served the people of Gallatin County with professionalism, patience and understanding for almost nineteen years, and was promoted to Management Supervisor in 2016. 

She has worked with integrity and dedication to develop relationships with the Court's staff, attorneys and the public.  With the retirement and encouragement of Jennifer Brandon, Sandy is running for the Clerk of District Court as she wants to continue her service to Gallatin County.  

Sandy's strong work ethic, proven dedication, and almost nineteen years of experience make her the most capable candidate for the Clerk of Court.

Providing excellent customer service, maintaining accurate records efficiently, and ensuring access to our judicial system will be Sandy's utmost priorities as the Clerk of District Court.

Sandy is a Montana native, who grew up in Livingston. After graduating from high school, she went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in Planning, Public Policy and Management from the University of Oregon.  After college, Montana calle​d her back home. She worked for a local non-profit before starting a job with the Clerk's office in 2001.

She lives in Bozeman with her two teenage children, Bella and Gabe, and their dog Frida.  They enjoy adventuring together - from skiing at Bridger Bowl to paddle boarding at Cliff Lake.

There's no place like Montana.


Show Your Support

Thank you for your interest in supporting my campaign for Gallatin County Clerk of District Court.  Please follow the "Donate Now" link below to make an online contribution. You can also place a check in the mail to: 

Sandy Erhardt for Clerk of District Court

PO Box 213

Bozeman, MT  59771

Individual contribution limits are $180 per individual, $360 per couple, per election cycle.


PO Box 213, Bozeman, MT  59771

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